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How to install a Ruby Gem

This WHM feature allows you to download and install Ruby gems. It works by providing an interface that lets you search through the central repository known as RubyForge ( WHM then returns a list of Ruby gems that match your search criteria, allowing you to click on any of the relevant search results to download and install the gem.

To search for and install a Ruby gem:

  1. Enter your search criteria into the available text field.
    • You can also view a list of Ruby gems available from RubyForge by clicking Show Available Ruby Gem(s).
    • If you know the exact name of the gem you wish to install, you may install it by entering its name in the Install a Ruby Gem text box and clicking Install Now.
  2. Click Go.
    • WHM will display the Name, Version, Description, and any Actions you may perform.
  3. Click the Install button next to the gem that you would like to download and install automatically.
    • You may also view a gem’s documentation by clicking its corresponding Show Docs button.
    • If you did not find the desired gem, you may continue searching from the search results page using the Search field and Go button.

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