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How do I forward my emails to multiple addresses?


You can easily use your cPanel to set up email forwarding to multiple addresses using a few easy steps:
  • Login to you cPanel
  • Navigate to the Mail section
  • Select the Forwarders icon within the Mail section
  • By selecting this icon, you will be taken to the Forwarders tool menu
  • To forward a particular email to multiple addresses select Add Forwarder under the Email Account Forwarders section
  • Making this selection, will take you to the tool to add a New Forwarder where you can enter the information about the email address you want to forward as well as the email you would like it to be forwarder to
  • Once you have entered all of your information, select the Add Forwarder  button
  • To forward an email to multiple addresses, simply repeat the above steps for as many locations as you would like the email to be forwarded.



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