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Article Can I change the name of MySQL database?
Your MySQL database name contains a prefix (your cPanel username followed by “_”)...
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Article How can I empty a MySQL database?
Using the phpMyAdmin tool is the easiest way to empty a MySQL database. 1.    ...
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Article How do I change my MySQL database collation?
Changing you MySQL database collation is typically used to solve problems with foreign...
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Article How do I create a MySQL database?
MySQL is a relational database management system that allows you to efficiently manage a...
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Article How do I export a large MySQL database using PhpMyAdmin?
It is often difficult to export all of the tables of a large database at one time through...
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Article How do I find the MySQL details for an application installed through Fantastico?
In an application’s configuration files you will find all the MySQL details for that...
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Article How do I import or export a MySQL database from the command line?
Example of How to Export a MySQL Database 1.      1.  Execute the...
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Article How do I optimize a MySQL database?
In order to keep your website and applications running at their best, it is important to keep...
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Article How do I repair a MySQL database?
There are two ways to repair a MySQL database Repair a MySQL database through cPanel...
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Article How do I use MySQL stored procedures and routines?
  To Use Stored Procedures and Routines: 1.       Access...
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Article How do I whitelist my IP address?
Remote MySQL connections from remote locations are, by default, blocked by the server firewall...
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Article What do I do if my application cannot connect to my MySQL database
If you are experiencing an error in which your application cannot connect to your MySQL...
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Article What is the default path to the MySQL binary?
The correct path the MySQL binary at all AmericanNetlink servers is: /usr/bin/mysql
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Article What is the information_schema database?
In MySQL version 5.02 and higher there is an additional database called...
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Article What Version of MySQL am I Currently Running?
You can view the current version of MySQL in your “cPanel” on left side. You can...
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