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American Netlink Video Design & Editing Service


Video Editing Service

Video editing services are a process of editing segments from video footage to create a new complete show or movie.  Video editing can be as simple as cutting content from raw video footage you have or be far more complex and can include color correction, audio correction, storytelling, adding text, adding transitions, creating graphics, building closed capiton and much more.

All of the work is done by our expert video editing team. They have worked on thousands of digital video over the last 16 years and bring that experience to bear on every video editing project we complete at American Netlink. We will follow your instructions to the letter and give you exactly the footage in exactly the format that you want - MP2, MP4, DVD. .


Music Video and Flim Post Production Services

When all your filming has completed, the editing of your production project begins! Our post-production team will design the final touches for a seamless completion of your film or music video production. Whether you need 3D graphics, music, voice narration or simple cut and paste editing. American Netlink Video Editing Service can meet your every need.



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